The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,

The answer is blowin’ in the wind’

Bob Dylan

Whilst we may be in the dark at the minute, by the end of November, we shall know what answer the American people have delivered by electing the 45th President of the United States of America. The relationship between the UK and the US is longstanding and deep rooted, thus it seemed appropriate for the programme to reflect upon this great nation’s impact on the world of the Arts. Musically our   focus is on the influence of American composers and the variety of music which has emanated from those shores. The Home of the Brave, gives a glimpse of that variety with music from Copland, Glass, Gershwin and Joplin all being performed. Later in the season we encounter the minimalist style of Terry Riley, where the audience is invited to join in or drop out as they so choose, before the season ends with the Symphony Orchestra concert in the chapel, an annual highlight of the School Calendar.

Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue, considers the impact of colour in influencing our perception of a piece of art. The decision making behind choices of colours will be explored further in a fascinating talk by Frank Woodgate, a lecturer and guide at Tate Modern, in early October. Staying with America, but actively broaching the political world, we are delighted to invite you to come along and hear Tim Stanley and Tom Tugendhat, MP, discuss the potential impact of the US election on the UK. On a different tack, we are delighted to welcome Professor David Crystal and his son, Ben, in early September for a lecture The Tongue that Shakespeare Spoke, which will consider how the sounds and meanings of Shakespeare’s words have changed over the course of time.  

Our drama offerings this term are as wide and diverse as ever. NT live returns, the school play, The Government Inspector, satirically considers political corruption whilst  lighter shades are sure to be found in Dinosaur Park, Penguin Elephant and an adaptation of Michael Murpurgo’s Why the Whales Came. As Christmas approaches, younger ones are sure to enjoy Blunderbus’ production of Lily and the Little Snow Bear. With sell-out shows in the last three years, this looks set to carry on that fine tradition, so early booking is advised.

All of the above and much more beside, promise to entertain, challenge and intrigue audiences in the coming months. Please do look through the brochure carefully; we are confident that there is something for every taste and we look forward to seeing you here in the coming months.


John Bleakley

Chair Tonbridge Arts Committee