As the rain continues to pour down outside, it seems bizarre to be welcoming you all to our Summer Season brochure. However, unlikely though it appears at present, the rain will stop, and you will want to be out and about enjoying the delights of this season of Arts events at Tonbridge School. We have tried hard to cater for the whole family at this time of year: from the Lower School Family Concert, to the excitement of Arabian Nights. An Enemy of the People is Arthur Miller's highly regarded and powerful reworking of an Ibsen original and, for those who like the experience of outdoor theatre, a trip to the Riverhill Himalayan Gardens at the end of June will enable you yo enjoy again our dazzling version of Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing. We have also programmed a whole run of shows for enthusiastic Arts-tots and young people. Whether your charges will be six months or six years old in the summer, you will find something for them: wonder at The Feather Catcher; there's fun to be had with domestic duties in Wash; marvel at skateboarding snails in Curious Creatures; meet the "Unicorn Lady"; and help "Little Howard" escape the eraser of death! There is also plenty of music and the usual end-of-year art and design technology exhibitions. Keep a special eye out for the Leavers' Art and DT exhibition in the newly spruced up Old Big School Gallery space, reached by entering the school via the main porch (Games Porch). You may not have been in this part of the school before: come and enjoy the new Arts space, with its exciting blend of the traditional and contemporary. 



Andrew Edwards

Tonbridge Arts Committee