With the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War nearly upon us, we have tried to reflect those momentous events in our Arts programme. The musical offerings, for example, are centred on the theme Over the Top: 1900-1920, and there is an exciting range of concerts from solo voice through to full orchestral pieces; these serve to trace the shift in musical style at the the beginning of the twentieth century all the way from "Opulence to Oppression". 

We are also privileged to be welcoming poet and critic Professor Peter Robinson, who will be joining boys in reading from his new anthology, Arts of Peace. The difficult post First World War period in Germany is represented by the School Play performances of Caberet and the exhibition of work by artist George Grosz; both bring vividly to life the injustice and moral decay in 1920's and 1930's Germany. The artistic theme is developed by the major show of contemporary art from East Asia, East by South East, and you can further your understanding by coming to Katie Hill's lecture on Understanding Contemporary Chinese Art. We are also delighted to be welcoming Jody Gilby as she takes up The Tunnel Residency and, with the boys at the school, explores the interface between art and social media.

We are particularly excited about the visiting theatre companies this season: Riot offers us a "sarcastic furniture-retail based musical" that is guaranteed to make you laugh; Logic of Nothing fuses Heath Robinson contraptions, circus life and a boffin inventor; on a more serious note, That Is All You Need To Know explores the crucial wartime work at Bletchley Park in cracking the Enigma codes. More interactive theatre is provided in Choose Your Own Documentary where you the audience, with your remote controls decide the fate of the protagonist. For younger lovers of drama we have a fantastic programme including One Giant Leap to take your slightly older children to, just so you can go to - truly inspiring theatre, it will change the way you look at the world. Finally, as the year draws towards Christmas, you can come to our festive show and be able to claim as you leave the EM Forster Theatre, "I've Seen Santa!".


Andrew Edwards

Tonbridge Arts Committee